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Why Contemporary Art is Outdated? 

“Contemporary Art” is the art being made now. For this reason, most people conceive of Contemporary Art as lasting forever. But a century from now, will it still make sense to call art “contemporary”? When is the turning point that art begins to become something else? Is this “turning point” already underway?

The proposition of this exhibition is that Contemporary Art shifts when it incorporates a long-term mentality. In the same way that a flower blossoms with the passage of time, artwork that proposes cultural transformation also needs time to develop and become a part of the culture itself. Thus work that has incorporated a long-term mentality can only “flourish” and become art in the future. Does it still make sense to call it “contemporary” if its goal is not in its own present? Which artwork are those?  

This is a open and collective project. 
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Contemporary Art, we need to talk... 

We jump from the Contemporary and land in the Floraissance!

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Extra! Extra! Contemporary Art is Over!
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The Contemporary got older and had to move on...