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Joining the Floraissance Art Criticism Group:
The process to choose the artworks for this exhibition will be open and collective. Which are the parameters to recognize when an artwork has already shifted from “Contemporary Art” to “What Comes Next Art?”. 

Hang posters in your city :) help to cultivate and seed the Floraissance! Send an address and we will send you the posters ready to be hanged. Any where.

Share/write about the project: Are you an journalist or like to write about art? Wish to know more about the Floraissance? Why don’t also help to develop it?

Offering a space to the exhibition: Everyone knows that Contemporary Art is with it days counted. The question is where the shift will sprout first?

You name it: would you like to share ideas? To help to cook in the Solar BBQ? To play music in a Floraissance Party? Or... Sprout up!


A Floraissance Art Exhibition is “Cultivated by”
(and not “Curated by”). 

You are welcome to be part of it cultivation! 

Exhibition Cultivated by:



Updated constantly - you can post your events here too.  
March 21 - Spring starts. 

April 20 - Floraissance talk!
at DAS KAPiTAL, 8pm. 
Karl-Marx-Platz 18, 12043 Berlim

May - 

June - 

- Floraissance Art Criticism Meetings/ Solar BBQ in NYC. 

August - Floraissance Art Criticism Meetings/Solar BBQ in Berlin

Septemeber 2018