What people from different fields think and say about this sprouting culture? What could be Floraissance Utopia? Floraissance Architecture? Floraissance Love? etc.


Floraissance Arise by João Braga

Floraissance Law by Mariana Mencio

Floraissance Utopia by Fernanda Borges

Floraissance Healing by Paulo Toledo M. Filho

Floraissance Love by Lino de Macedo


Floraissance Architeture by Tomas Lotufo

Floraissance Woman by Aceli Magalhães

Floraissance Personality by Cristina Dias Allessandrini

Floraissance Look by Evandro Nicolau

Floraissance Artist by Marcos Moraes

Floraissance Art by Rogério Tarantino

Floraissance Theater by Marcia Polacchini

Floraissance Poetry by Marcia Chieppe

Floraissance Aforism by Juliano Gardcia Pessanha

Floraissance Excerpt by Luciana Miranda Penna

Floraissance Micro-estories by Marcelino Freire

Floraissance Drawing by Marines Mencio

Floraissance Friendship by Marcos Eiji

Floraissance Music by Thiago Nassif

Floraissance Graphic Design by Monica Shoenacker and Frédéric Barthélémé

Floraissance Food by Renato Paiva

Floraissance Sustenbility by Caio Tarantino

Floraissance Education by Rosa Iavelberg

Floraissance Didacticism by Maria Carolina Duprat

Floraissance Ludic by Sueli Pecci Passerini

Floraissance Teacher by Suzana Torres

Floraissance Creativity by Stela Maris Sanmartin

Floraissance Life by André Feliciano

This book was printed in 2010 in São Paulo, Brasil.

If you want to nurture the Floraissance Culture in your field of experience,
please, feel free to contact: gardener@floraissance.org